Our Custom printed poly mailers are used primarily by internet retailers looking for a way to brand their packaging, but we also service the following markets:

  • Food – Polypouches are a low-cost shipping bag for sending out samples and prepackaged food products.
  • Personal Care & Beauty – Our poly packaging is ideal for this industry due to the incredible print quality we achieve on our packaging.  Our packages have even been called “cute” by our customers.
  • Natural Products – from succulents to small seedlings, the Polypouch offers a water tight and low cost beautiful shipping bag ideal for the natural product shipper.
  • Housewares – Any kind of small product used by a homeowner can be shipped in a Polypouch 
  • Manufacturing – As the world of just-in-time inventory rolls along, our Polypouch is perfect for shipping machine parts to customers throughout the world.
  • High-End Fashion – Because of the elegant graphics and lightweight nature of Polypouch, our packaging is an awesome solution to the high-end fashion industry.