Sports Company


A sports company sells climbing ropes and specialty ropes of various lengths. When these are ordered they are placed into custom printed corrugated boxes and labeled for shipping. Because the lengths vary the company stocks a multitude of custom printed corrugated cartons to ship out the rope.

Due to the large carton supplier’s minimums the company has a problem storing these quantities and inventorying the various sku’s of cartons. The printing costs are exorbitant due to the small order quantities and high sku counts. Large minimums also cause the company to incur high waste through packaging obsolescence.


A Drew & Rogers Packaging consultant met with the product manager and saw the solution immediately – use our PolyPouch! The PolyPouch is a shipping envelope digitally printed on white polyester.

Using a digital Hewlett Packard 20,000 flexible package printer, D&R was able to print minimum quantities of FULL COLOR poly pouches or shipping envelopes. Because we print our films digitally there are no plate charges or setup charges allowing for smaller and more economical print quantities. This new digital printing technology saves money and allows customers to reduce their packing costs dramatically. The footprint for flexible packaging is much smaller than conventionally printed cartons and boxes allowing customers to lower their sku counts and reducing warehouse floor space allowing it to be used for more valuable production operations. The digital printing technology offers higher quality graphics than conventional box printers can offer and because the HP20,000 doesn’t require printing plates, a customer can create multiple packaging designs and “versions” throughout a print run.  For instance, spring, fall, summer and winter themes could be swopped out during the year or images can change throughout a run with no charge. Technically, a customer can “personalize” each pouch or shipping envelope during printing.

In short, our digital printed pouches and shipping envelopes offers many advantages:

  • Lower cost of each unit – no plates or setup charges
  • Smaller order sizes
  • Multiple print versions within an order
  • Smaller footprint for inventory
  • Greater and better color fidelity
  • Greater branding opportunity

For more information about D&R’s short-run pouches and shipping envelopes please contact us.