Nutraceutical Company


A nutraceutical company was looking for a better way to ship their men’s enhancement products that would allow their packages to be discrete yet branded with a professional look. They were using a small stock bubble mailer with a label to ship out their tablet products on a monthly basis, but the pouches had a shiny surface and gave the package a cheap look. The customer’s goal was to make the package look professional as it relates to the medical industry.


A Drew & Rogers consultant saw the bubble mailer and suggested that they switch to the D&R PolyPouch. The PolyPouch is a shipping envelope that is digitally printed on white polyester. Using a Sealed Air insert they could replicate the structure but create a much more attractively printed package.

The PolyPouch is printed utilizing the Hewlett Packard HP20,000’s digital inkjet technology, allowing graphics to be printed at over 1,000 dots per inch. This resolution is much higher than traditional flexographic or lithographic print quality. In addition to the higher resolution D&R can print the PolyPouch Shipping Envelope using various finishes to create matte and gloss finishes. Because the HP20,000 press is digital the customer can print multiple images throughout the run for no additional cost. Small run quantities are no longer a problem because the digital technology allow customers the ability to create small runs at low prices. Now the customer has created an elegant shipping envelope with a matte finish that looks like very sophisticated package that is cost effective and discreet.

The PolyPouch offers many good reasons to be your shipping envelope of choice:

  • Lower cost for each unit – no plates or setup charges
  • Smaller order sizes
  • Multiple print versions within an order
  • Smaller footprint for inventory
  • Greater and better color fidelity & effects
  • Greater branding opportunity

For more information about D&R’s short-run pouches and shipping envelopes please contact us.