Fashion Industry


An internet retailer was selling high quality sheets and linens and was looking for the best packaging to project their image to the world. They wanted the most high-quality package they could buy…. but on a limited budget!  They looked at corrugated solutions with labels and direct printed on to white corrugated and Litho-laminated corrugated solutions. The litho-laminate was probably the best option, but the cost was too high per piece. In quantity, $2-3 dollars per unit would make sense, but due to the cost of the dies and plates, the real price for these cartons went to $5-6 dollars each. This pricing level was not supported by the retail price of the linens and the sheets.

The Solution:

When a Drew & Rogers Packaging representative saw the problem, he suggested using a shipping envelope or pouch we call The PolyPouch. The PolyPouch is a shipping envelope that is digitally printed on white polyester.

The PolyPouch is created on the Hewlett Packard HP20,000 Digital Package Printer. The unit pricing for these items is 1/3 the cost of a litho-printed box and allows for more superior print quality than a traditional litho-mounted product can offer. Due to the digital nature of the printing, there are no dies or plate costs involved. These envelopes are made of polyester and are strong, light weight and waterproof. Perfect products to mail. Most importantly they are printed using ink jet technology allowing for over 1000 dots per inch, higher quality than conventional 250-line screen printing. Another great feature of digital printing is the ability to run multiple images throughout a print run. You technically could print each shipping envelope with different copy.

The PolyPouch offers many good reasons to be your shipping envelope of choice:

  • Lower cost of each unit – no plates or setup charges
  • Smaller order sizes
  • Multiple print versions within an order
  • Smaller footprint for inventory
  • Greater and better color fidelity
  • Greater branding opportunity

For more information about D&R’s short-run pouches and shipping envelopes please contact us.